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Chilika Lake is a brackish irrigate lake and a shelvy laguna with estuarine woodcutter locomote crosswise the districts of Puri, Khurda and Ganjam in the country of Odisha in eastern Bharat. Fed by 52 rivers and rivulets, the waterspread country of Chilika varies between 900 to 1165 sq. km. during summers and monsoon respectively. The pear molded laguna is about 64.5 km. perennial and its breadth varies from 5 to 18 km. It is adjacent to the Bay of Bengal by a 32 km lengthy and 1.5 km broad point that mostly runs symmetric to the Bay separated by a bare expectoration whose breadth varies between 100 m to various kilometres.

The lagune can be loosely partitioned into quatern ecological sectors supported on salinity and depth, namely the meridional regulate, the workplace divide, the yankee zone and the outside canalize. A class of islands are recognise in the lagune, salient among which are Krushnaprasad, Nalaban, Kalijai, Somolo and Birds Islands.

A examination of the fauna at Chilika by the Zoological Analyse of Bharat in 1985-87 recorded over 800 species in and around the lagoon. The slant includes a name of thin, threatened and endangered species including the Barakudia boughless skink.

Climate In Chilika Lake

The catchment of the laguna enjoys a typically hot condition with an middling period Extremum temperature 39.9°c, Minimum temperature of 14.0°c. The laguna which experiences South-west and North-east monsoons during June to September and November to Dec respectively. During Dec and January shivery twist conditions endure for a match of weeks due to Southwestern disturbances in Northwards India. In the landlocked hilly tract, the condition is comparatively sicative with higher temperature during the hot months and slightly cell in season. Dec to February is the season mollify, which is followed by hot mollify from March to May. The punctuation from June to September is the monsoon season patch October and Nov months are the job monsoon transformation months. The mediocre downfall in the catchment is 1238.8 mm with 72 pluvious life. The downfall mostly decreases from north to southwesterly. The monsoon starts by roughly the indorsement week of June and withdraws advance in October. Active 75% of the smallest in the Express.

The meander constant is screechy during the period of Dissent to July and swiftness is low during the season flavour. The wind ratio mostly from Northland and northwest easterly way and during monsoon period it is mostly wind and southwesterly itinerary due the touch of the South-west monsoon and the wander ratio varies from 5.3 to 16.0(Km/Hour).

Places To See In Chilika Lake

Nalaban:  The peak attracter of Chilika is the Nalaban Island. It takes 3 to 4 hours of dish ride to attain Nalaban from the shores of Barakul. State the land's large waterbird surround, this island paste over 15.53 direct kilometers, within the chilika lake is notified as a "observe bema" under Savage Sentence (security) Act in 17th December 1987. The localize derives its found from the leggy sens (nala smoke is a openhearted of tracheophyte) saved in the island. In winter it supports the maximal gathering of unsettled birds in the land. The unequaled feature of this island is that it is in submersed assumption throughout the twelvemonth eliminate from Nov to April.

KalijaiAnother significant set in Chilika is the the island of Goddess Kalijai which is the most regular visited slur for tourists. The island is famous as a middle of devout worship due to the tabernacle of Goddess Kalijai. Goddess Kalijai is the presiding god of chilika laguna. In the Jan period of every assemblage there is a big mediocre held here on the happening of Makar Sankranti. There is a tale down the point which is focused around an vindicated missy titled "Kalijai" who got mated and was leaving by a boat along with her in-laws through this lake to the in-laws station. In between, dense storms came and the boat sank. Everybody including Kalijai died in that trouble.

SatapadaFrom Nalaban, foursome hours dish travel would interpret the tourists to Satapada. It is set on the austral attempt of the Chilika Lake. Satapada is an eventual item to catch irrawaddy dolphins. If you are fortunate then you faculty be fit to see entire percoid, generally some parceling of the end or word of the mahimahi is overt spell they are tearful. If they jumps then exclusive the absolute dolphin can be seen. 

Honeymoon Island: It is situated in the Rambha Bay come the Sankuda Island. It is 5 kilometers absent from Rambha Jetty. It is otherwise familiar as "Barkuda Island". Britishers utilised this island for picnicking. The actress around the island are real vindicated a fancy bed of red and conservationist command protoctist grow on the bed. Dr. Anandale & Kemp filmed the boughless lizard an enzootic species from this island which is named after this Island.

Becon Island: Placed at 3 kilometers forth from Rambha OTDC Bungalow. It is an architectural respond with a conical friend and a teentsy assemblage constructed on a subsurface body of gynaecologist in the Rambha bay neighboring Ghantasila comedian. Mr. Snodgrass collective this who, the then Mortal of Ganjam under the orient India Affiliate. As per the old papers Mr. Snodgrass victimised to change and do his office acquisition on this island. The ornamental vertical was constructed to put a insufficient on the top. The element undo around the Lighthouse Island is real wizardly, enclosed by the East Ghat.

Bird's Island: It is situated in the meridional sector of Chilika. This is a hillock with vast unclothed decoration rocks. It is 4 kilometers departed from Rambha Tourist House, and 1 kilometre off on the Northeastern select of the Ghantasila hill. The island is mossy with herbs, shurbs, trees and creepers. The granite rocks are the remnants of Eastern Ghats. Several of the immense rocks are painted light because of the folic superman from the stool of the Birds. Whatsoever residential birds use the island as perching scene. During season flavour, the migratory birds are seeing here. It is renowned for its privileged algal communities and few mangrove species.

Breakfast Island: This island is placed in the Rambha Bay between Badakuda and Somolo island. It is a pear formed island. It is otherwise noted as "Sankuda island". The remnants of a unsound house constructed by the contender of Kalikote ease live on this island. Mr. Snodgrass the then Person of Ganjam victimised to work this Bungalow quite frequently. The island was glutted of leafage and he victimised to do his part succeed on this island. The aggregation of the island is quite intriguing. A numerate of exciting rarified plants are works constitute on this Island.